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LiveWell Foundation

What We Do

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people with depression have equal access to the support they need to live well.

Our Mission

The LiveWell Foundation provides access to free and effective depression support for anyone, anywhere. Through the skill-based Guided Self Care LiveWell Program®, we empower peers in the community to educate and inspire each other to live well with depression.

Our Approach & Impact

In the midst of a national public health crisis, untreated depression and suicide are devastating the lives of individuals, their families, and our communities.  Depression is the most common mental health issue in the U.S, and is associated with greater functional impairment and higher societal costs than any other chronic health problem. Although depression is treatable, more than 70% of people affected by it cannot access or afford the support they desperately want and need. Major barriers to treatment include high costs, exclusionary insurance networks, a shortage of mental health professionals, cultural stigma, and systemic racism within the health care systems. 

With both the private and public health systems failing to meet the needs of millions of Americans, we're putting evidence-based care directly into the hands of the community. We train volunteer community members from diverse backgrounds and professions with lived experience of depression and resilience to lead our curriculum-based, guided self-care support groups. 


Our peer-led communal approach to education, treatment, and prevention:


  • INCREASES access to depression support for a wide and diverse population in need;


  • BUILDS a sustainable social infrastructure in which all people can access quality mental health services at no cost -creating a healthier and more equitable society;  

  • FOSTERS healthy lives through education and self-empowerment for people of all ages through a unique psychosocial educational program that teaches people the skills they need to reduce their own symptoms and relapses of depression, and improve wellbeing;

  • PROVIDES opportunities for people of color and other minorities to get effective depression support from their peers who are sensitive to their own experiences and cultures;

  • HELPS to saves lives;

  • CHALLENGES mental health stigma that still prevents millions of people from getting support by creating opportunities for people with depression to share their unique stories of resilience and living well; 


  • ADVANCES clinical and cultural change by advocating for the evidence-based practice of peer-led education to become a routine part of depression recovery and prevention services.



of participants agree:  "LiveWell helps me to better manage my own moods."

Based on an anonymous online survey (Link to 2021 Program Evaluation)



& counting*

Log-ins to our virtual support groups from adults, teens and seniors  around the country (and beyond) since going online in Spring 2020.

*Does not include Philly in-person groups



Voted "Best Place to Heal" by our local community

 A community-based vote sponsored by Philadelphia Magazine

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