Empowering people with depression (and co-occurring issues) to transform their own lives


How it works

Endorsed by world-renowned mental health experts!

All groups are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL.  No insurance, diagnosis, or registration required.


What you need to know



  • We do not provide emergency mental health support.  If you are in crisis or afraid of hurting yourself (or others), call 1-800-273-8255; text 'TALK' to 741741; or go to an emergency room.

  • Meetings are open to people ages 19+. If you are 14-18, you can join an online teens group here

  • Please respect our no observer policy. No family, friends, students, providers, etc. (No exceptions.)


  • Latecomers: We can guarantee entry to the group for up to 15 minutes after start time. 


  • All support groups are led by trained peer facilitators.  We do not offer clinical/medical advice.

  • No one is required to talk; nor will you be prompted to do so. However, if you do not  appear on video, you MUST confirm you are an actual person to stay in the meeting. (No exceptions.)​​

  • To determine if a LiveWell support group is right for you, please read our FAQ's.




Easy access via zoom link:


This 75-minute support group follows the standard LiveWell format: a brief  introduction, a topic or strategy-related discussion, and a reflection. Learn new skills for reducing your own symptoms and relapses of depression, and for increasing wellbeing.


Easy access via zoom link:



This 75-minute support group follows the standard LiveWell format (w/ break-out rooms, depending on group size). Please see description of Monday's meeting.


LiveWell Wisdom


Easy access via zoom link: 



This 55-minute meeting is designed to be a quick dose of connection and inspiration, in which we apply wisdom from a wide range of sources -- including psychologists, philosophers, and poets-- to our own depression recovery and ongoing mental health care. (Led by the creator of the LiveWell Program.)


LiveWell Recovery

Managing depression and substance use


Easy access via zoom link:


This 75-minute support group is dedicated to managing depression/anxiety and the co-occurring issue of substance use.  Each meeting begins with a "mental health check-up," followed by a relevant group discussion. Share weekly successes and challenges with supportive peers.



Easy access via zoom link:


This 75-minute support group follows the standard LiveWell format (w/ break-out rooms, depending on group size). Please see description of Monday's meeting.

What is LiveWell?

The peer-led behavioral health program backed by science and endorsed by leading mental health experts!

The LiveWell Program© is designed to educate, inspire, and empower YOU to take control of your own depression treatment and ongoing mental health care.  

Bringing together evidence-based wellness strategies and aspects of effective therapies into one integrated curriculum, the LiveWell Program© is strategically designed to teach you the skills you need to reduce your own symptoms and relapses of depression (and its co-occurring health issues), and to increase wellbeing.   


Our confidential support groups are led by trained, volunteer peer facilitators:  people from diverse backgrounds and professions with lived experience of depression, recovery, and living well.

Scientific research shows that peer-led interventions score better than psychotherapy for depression recovery, offering greater levels of self‐efficacy, empowerment, and engagement. And evidence shows that Guided Self-Care (e.g., the LiveWell Program) will actually determine the effectivess of other treatments, such as medication and therapy.


LiveWell Support Group FAQ's

How do I know if LiveWell is right for ME?

A LiveWell support group is right for you if you are 19+ and can identify with any of the below:​
  • Experience mild to serious depression
  • Experience persistent and/or recurring bouts of depression
  • Have a tendency to socially withdrawal or isolate
  • Experience co-occurring issues of depression, such as anxiety or substance use
  • Find it uncomfortable or have a difficult time talking about depression​
  • Try to hide depression from others 
  • You're feeling well, but value the ongoing support of others for reducing relapses of depression
When a LiveWell group may NOT be right for you:​ 
  • We do not provide emergency mental health support.  If you are in crisis, or afraid of harming yourself (or others), please call the Suicide Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, text 'TALK' to 741741, or go to the nearest emergency room. 


Do I have to register or sign up?

No. LiveWell support groups are always open to the public: no insurance, diagnosis, or referral is needed. 

Community groups: just walk in.  Online groups: simply connect via zoom link (see schedule above).

Are the groups really free?

Yes.  (We're a volunteer-run nonprofit organization, so donations are always appreciated.)

Can I attend different groups on different days?

Yes. We know that many people want and need daily support from their peers and community. 

Won't it be depressing to go to a depression support group?

No. In fact, people are often surprised to discover how positive and even uplifting the LiveWell groups can be!

Do I have to talk to people?

No one is ever required to speak, nor will they be prompted to do so. But we always offer a safe, friendly, and supportive environment.

How is confidentiality ensured?

All peers are introduced on a first-name-only basis; and commit to our group promise of confidentiality.


LiveWell Strategies© 


Talk about mental health, ask for support, and strengthen

your communication skills to help yourself and benefit others.



Pay attention, on purpose and without judgment, to the present moment.

Recognize your passing thoughts and moods do not define you.


Challenge negative thinking and develop self-compassion by

identifying positive qualites that aid your mental health and resilience.


Accept the ups and downs of managing your moods. Go at your own pace.

Trust yourself through your unique process of change and growth.



Learn about depression and its related health issues,

and be open to all available treatment options.


Get out of your head and into your life by engaging in activities

that support your mental health and personal goals.



Identify your depression triggers, and use your

creative problem solving skills, Action Plan, or Crisis Plan.


Avoid isolating by creating ongoing opportunities to connect

with supportive friends, family, and LiveWell peers.



Explore how your culture’s beliefs about depression affect how you think and feel.

Share your unique story to empower yourself and inspire others.



Dedicate yourself to things that are meaningful to you, 

and contribute to the mental health of your peers and community.

The LiveWell Program brings together aspects of evidence-based therapies, and best practices from the recovery and wellness movement, into one integrated curriculum for the treatment and prevention of depression.





PA EIN: 81-4711726

If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 

or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741


The LiveWell Foundation does not provide emergency services. 


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