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LiveWell Schools©

A holistic wellness initiative for schools to demonstrate their commitment to the mental wellbeing of its students and community- 

now available online for free

in response to COVID-19.

Nearly 1 in 4 teens suffer from depression, and national adolescent suicide rates have increased 70% in the last decade. We're on a mission to help change that. LiveWell Schools is empowering students to create a sustainable culture of mental wellness. 

COVID-19 Response


With the advent of COVID-19 and the ensuing protocols, restrictions, and closures that have effected schools across the country, we have canceled our pilot program and are moving to a virtual format.

Launching in July 2020, our weekly online groups will follow the LiveWell Teens Program Curriculum. They will be open to all adolescents and young adults seeking to improve their mental wellness, better monitor and manage their moods, and grow their emotional toolbox.

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Numerous studies are already reporting that students are experiencing mental health declines from COVID-19 effects. In order to ensure that teens have access to our relevant psychoeducational curriculum in this new academic landscape and precarious time, we will be hosting online teen support groups. These groups will cycle through the 10 LiveWell Teen Strategies, with each session exploring conversations, real-world approaches, and useful tools around a specific strategy. Similar to our adult support groups, each session will follow the same 60-70 minute format:


  • introduction to the program, peers, and community guidelines

  • exploration of the specific strategy and necessary terms

  • a group discussion around a tailored activity and/or conversation prompt

  • useful takeaways to implement

  • a brief closing meditation


A holistic and integrated approach to empower students to create a sustainable culture around mental wellness.

The vision and standards for LiveWell Schools were created using evidence-based research on psychoeducational and interventional best practices. Using and integrated and holistic approach, a LiveWell Certified School provides the following services for its students, faculty, and community:

  1. LiveWell Teens Curriculum© - A 10-part innovative, intersectional, and activity-based curriculum designed around the LW Teens Strategies©; available through our online groups

  2. Faculty/Admin/Staff training - Teen depression and suicide prevention training with an integrated wellness-based and trauma-informed approach.

  3. Parent/Community Forum - Teen depression and suicide prevention training with an integrated trauma-informed and wellness-based approach adapted for families of teens.

  4. All-School LW Assembly - an experiential and transformative program designed to educate students and school community about depression and its related mental health issues. 

  5. Peer-2-Peer Student Run Club - A faculty supervised group that provides students a safe space and planned psychoeducational activities/discussions.

  6. Student Mental Health Survey - A student-driven yearly survey for all students to assess their well-being and levels of stress; identify at-risk individuals; and provide follow up information to student with options to reach out to counselors.

The 10 LiveWell Teen Strategies at the center of this program bring together multiple evidence-based interventions for teens and young adults into 

one integrated package.


Each of the strategies is proven to help teens better monitor and manage their moods, increase wellbeing, and reduce depression symptoms and relapses.

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The standards for the LiveWell Teens Curriculum and Strategies were created through focus groups with students and recent grads, conversations with education and mental-health based advocacy groups, surveys with public, private, and charter school faculty and administration, and evidence-based research on interventional and psychoeducational best practices. Our team of innovators and curriculum designers includes teachers, PhD’s, MSW’s, LCSW’s, NAMI members, high school administrators, artists, writers, and, most importantly, students. 

In this unprecedented time, when counselors and teachers are working overtime to meet the mental health needs of their students, our services can be used as an easily accessible tool to help fill the gap. Our educational wellness program empowers students to help themselves: teaching evidence-based skills to help monitor and manage moods, communicate effectively, challenge negative thinking patterns, and maintain good mental health.  Now more than ever -- in the midst of social isolation, existential dread, and ubiquitous insecurity -- our educational initiative will play a critical part in the success of teens reaching their full potential.




Thanks to a generous grant from Children Can Shape the Future - a nonprofit supporting innovative education in Philadelphia and Camden -  our LiveWell Teens Curriuclum© began its pilot in the School District of Philadelphia in January 2020.

This pilot program has been suspended due to COVID-19



Clancy Philbrick

Director of Education 


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Philadelphia, PA 19103

Our Community Partners


Some of the current organizations we are working with to make LiveWell Schools a reality:

Children Can Shape the Future (CCSF) is a non-profit supporting innovative education in Philadelphia and Camden. CCSF has generously funded the first year of exploration, research, and development around LiveWell Schools, and specifically the adaptation of The LiveWell Program for adults into The LiveWell Teens Program Curriculum and its implementation in local high schools in 2020. 

Youth United for Change (YUC) works with low-income young people to organize campaigns geared towards ensuring high quality public education for all young Philadelphians. LWF has been working with YUC’s Student Leadership Committee and student members to develop criteria for LiveWell Schools, aligning much of LWF’s programming with YUC’s campaigns and student-driven requests for policy changes around mental health in Philadelphia public schools.

Minding Your Mind (MYM) is dedicated to ending stigma and destructive behaviors associated with mental health issues, moving away from a crisis-based response to prevention through education. With their focus on speakers, assemblies, and presentations, LWF has partnered with MYM to deliver the in-school assembly component of the LW Schools certification process.

Our Minds Matter (OMM) is a student-led movement to change the school culture around mental health. Funded by the Josh Anderson Foundation and using a peer-to-peer approach, OMM’s mission is to provide adolescents with mental health education, resources and support so they never turn to suicide. LWF has partnered with OMM to implement the peer-to-peer student-based group component of the LW Schools certification process.

Interested in getting involved or collaborating with us?  Contact Us today!

"Communication has always been really important to me when struggling with mental health... Having someone to talk to makes all the difference."

-Liv S.


If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 

or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741


The LiveWell Foundation does not provide emergency services. 


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