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LiveWell Teens©

Students Between Classes

FREE Weekly

Mental Wellness 

Depression & Anxiety 

Online Support Groups


Wednesdays @ 7 pm

(Eastern time)  on Zoom

Each group is led by trained facilitators and educators. 

We do not provide professional counseling or emergency mental health treatment.​  

If you are in crisis, please call the National Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255, 

text TALK to 741741, or go to your nearest emergency room.


Communication has always been really important to me when struggling

with mental health... Having someone to talk to makes all the difference.

-Liv S, 18, Philadelphia


Conversation in the Hallway

LiveWell Principles

of Peer Support

• We aim to inspire all people to live well 

• We believe in the power of all people to grow 

• We acknowledge and celebrate our strengths 

• We expect each other to be kind and compassionate 

• We find comfort and strength in sharing experiences 

• We offer support rather than advice 

• We accept we cannot solve other people’s problems 

• We embrace humor as a healthy coping strategy 

• We reject stigma and will not tolerate discrimination 

• We respect and maintain confidentiality at all times

• We know we cannot judge the quality or quantity of  another person’s pain

Girls in the Library

All 60-70 minute groups will open about five minutes prior to the start time,

and follow the same format:

* Brief introduction to LiveWell & Peers

* LiveWell Teens Strategy Related Discussion 

* Group Reflection & Takeaways

* Short Closing Meditation. 

Please join group 5 minutes prior to start time in order to complete Teen Consent Form. 


Is a LiveWell Teens Support Group

Right For You?

Are YoU...

  • Interested in improving your mental wellness?

  • A teen age 14 - 18 ?

  • Seeking an empathetic community?

  • Willing to commit to the LiveWell Principles
    of Peer Support listed above?

Numerous studies are already reporting that students are experiencing mental health declines from COVID-19 effects. In order to ensure that teens have access to relevant psychoeducational resources in this new academic landscape and precarious time, we are hosting online teen support groups. Each session follows the same 60-70 minute format:


  • Introduction to the program, peers, and community guidelines

  • Exploration of the specific strategy and necessary terms

  • A group discussion around a tailored activity and/or conversation prompt

  • Useful takeaways to implement

  • A brief closing meditation


The 10 LiveWell Teen Strategies at the center of this program bring together multiple evidence-based interventions for teens and young adults into 

one integrated package.


Each of the strategies is proven to help teens better monitor and manage their moods, increase wellbeing, and reduce depression symptoms and relapses.

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The standards for the LiveWell Teens Curriculum and Strategies were created through focus groups with students, conversations with education and mental-health based advocacy groups, surveys with public, private, and charter school faculty and administration, and evidence-based

research on interventional and psychoeducational best practices.

Counselors and teachers are working overtime to meet the mental health needs of students. We believe our services can be used as an easily accessible tool to help fill the gap. Now more than ever -- in the midst of social isolation, existential dread, and ubiquitous insecurity -- LiveWell Teens can play a critical part in the success of adolescents reaching their full potential.


Monitor & Manage Moods

Learn to regulate emotions

Disrupt negative thinking

Maintain emotional wellbeing


Build a mindfulness practice

Grow internal resources

Align actions with values

Building Community

Build a supportive network

Empower yourself and others

Challenge cultural and societal mental health stigma


I think the stigma around mental health gets in the way of us talking to

others about depression. I feel like peer support would help us.

-Carlos ,17, Philadelphia

Youth United for Change Representative




Thanks to a generous grant from Children Can Shape the Future - a nonprofit supporting innovative education in Philadelphia and Camden -  our LiveWell Teens Curriculum© began its pilot in the School District of Philadelphia in January 2020. For more information on our LW Schools Program Curriculum or Groups, please contact us today. 



Clancy Philbrick

Director of Education 


250 South 17th Street, 1400

Philadelphia, PA 19103

If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 

or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741


The LiveWell Foundation does not provide emergency services.