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Announcing the Launch of LiveWell Español


Free weekly depression support group for Spanish-speakers

LiveWell Español Flyer

Philadelphia, May 2023 – Too many people living with depression cannot access or afford the support they desperately want and need. Among Hispanic/Latino Americans, untreated depression is having devastating effects on individuals, their families, and communities. The LiveWell Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers free and effective depression support for anyone, anywhere, has teamed up with other organizations dedicated to mental health equity to help make a difference.

LiveWell Español, a weekly virtual support group for any Spanish speaking adult, is free and easily accessible for anyone with an internet connection: no insurance, diagnosis, or registration required. Led by trained volunteer peers – bilingual adults from various backgrounds and professions with their own lived experience of depression and resilience – will lead the online group. Participants will not only receive much needed support from their peers and community, but the educational-based group is also designed to teach people the coping skills they need to decrease their own symptoms and relapses of depression, and to live more connected, meaningful and productive lives.

For Hispanic adults, depression, and its common co-occurring issues of anxiety and substance use, are on the rise. According to a recent Gallup poll, the rate of depression among Hispanic adults is rising at twice the rate of White adults; with more than one out of three Latino Americans currently suffering from the painful and debilitating symptoms of depression. And yet, affordable and culturally sensitive mental health resources are still hard to find. “There are so many barriers that prevent Latinx Americans from getting the depression support they need, such as cost, transportation, cultural stigma, systemic racism, and of course language,” says Karina Wiener, Director of Program and Operations at the LiveWell Foundation. “There is a clear need for solutions that address these cultural and systemic barriers to care. And that’s where the LiveWell Español program comes in”.

The LiveWell Foundation is partnering with other nonprofits who share their mission of mental health equity for Latinos. The National Latino Behavioral Health Association, the Garces Foundation, Galaei, and Speaks 2 Inspire are sharing the much-needed LiveWell Español program with the populations they serve.

“For many years, LiveWell has been helping to transform the lives of people living with depression in both our local Philadelphia community and across the country. We’re so pleased to now be offering our free and effective depression support groups to any Spanish speaking adult who wants support,” says Wiener.

When & Where

Starting June 8th - every Thursday at 7:30pm via Zoom (Meeting ID: 980 6463 3542); or log on through the LiveWell Foundation website atñol. The LiveWell Español depression support group is free and open to the public: no insurance, referral, diagnosis, or registration required.


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