Empowering people to help themselves.  With an emphasis on skill learning, challenging thinking patterns, social interaction, and social activism, LiveWell's curriculum-based support groups rotate around the LiveWell Strategies:  ten evidence-based wellness strategies that are each proven to help reduce symptoms or relapses of depression, and to increase wellbeing.  (read more)

A supportive community.  Our confidential support groups are led by trained, volunteer peer facilitators: people from diverse backgrounds and professions with lived experience of depression and/or anxiety, recovery, and living well. 


All groups are free and open-to-the-public: no diagnosis, referral, or insurance required.  Community groups: walk-ins welcome.  Online groups: easy access (see link below).


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Online Group (U.S./EDT)



This 70-75 minute virtual meeting will feature a topic or strategy-related group discussion. All welcome. 

Link to join the meeting:



  • Although each group is led by a trained facilitator, all LiveWell meetings function as peer-to-peer support groups.  We do not provide professional counseling or emergency mental health treatment.​  If you are in crisis, please call the National Lifeline at 1.800.273.825, text TALK to 741741or go to your nearest emergency room.

  • The meeting (via ZOOM links above) will open about 5 minutes prior to start time. Please be sure you are in a private location where you will not be interrupted.  

  • For confidentiality, sign in to the group with your FIRST NAME  ONLY.  Recording or taking pictures is strictly prohibited.

  • Once signed in, have your VIDEO ON and AUDIO OFF/MUTED. (Although no one is required to speak, we highly encourage all participants use video, because it helps us all to feel more connected.)

Online Group (U.S./EDT)



This 70-75 minute virtual meeting will feature a topic or strategy-related group discussion. All welcome. 

Link to join the meeting:



LiveWell Support Group FAQ's

How do I know if LiveWell is right for ME?

A LiveWell support group is right for you if you are 19+ and can identify with any of the below:​
  • Experience mild to serious depression
  • Experience persistent and/or recurring bouts of depression
  • Find it uncomfortable or have a difficult time talking about depression​
  • Try to hide depression from others (because of shame and/or fear of discrimination) 
  • Have a tendency to socially withdrawal or isolate
  • You're feeling well, but value the ongoing support of others for reducing relapses of depression
When a LiveWell group may NOT be right for you:​ 
  • If you are experiencing a serious bout of clinical depression, it is important that you seek the help of a qualified mental health professional in your area.
  • If you are afraid of harming yourself (or others), please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. We do not provide emergency mental health support.

Do I have to register or sign up?

No. LiveWell support groups are always open to the public, and walk-ins are welcome. 

Online groups:  No need to sign up; just connect to meeting via zoom link (see above)

Are the groups really free?

Yes. (We're a volunteer-run organization, so donations to our nonprofit are always appreciated!)

Can I attend different groups on different days?

Yes. We know that many people want and need daily support from their peers and community. 

What happens at a group meeting?

All LiveWell support groups follow the same format:

  • A brief introduction to the LiveWell Program, peers, and weekly topic (e.g., one of the ten LiveWell Strategies)

  • A topic or strategy-related activity  (Online groups: a topic or strategy-related group discussion)

  • Group reflection, including how you can apply lessons learned from the activity or discussion to better monitor and manage your own moods.

Won't it be depressing to go to a depression support group?

No. In fact, people are often surprised to discover how positive and even uplifting the LiveWell groups can be!


Do I have to talk to people?

No one is ever required to speak, nor will they be prompted to do so. But we always offer a safe, friendly, and supportive environment.

How is confidentiality ensured?

All peers are introduced on a first-name-only basis; and commit to our group promise of confidentiality.






PA EIN: 81-4711726

If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 

or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741


The LiveWell Foundation does not provide emergency services. 


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