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Show & Tell: JP's Art and Inspiration

JP's Art

Artist name: JP Weber

Artist statement: I am a self-taught artist who turned to painting in 2016 when I found myself observing self-destructive, internal patterns leftover from childhood. I had discovered my truth. Without the words to express what I was experiencing I began painting the essence of my discoveries.

Driven by an untamed curiosity I use vibrant colors and various techniques to excavate the truth within.

Through art I aim to rekindle the curiosity in all of us. I have created over 800 works since that day and I am grateful to be able to share the healing power of art with others. A small sampling of my work can be seen on Instagram @johnhamster.


Submit your own artwork to the LiveWell Show & Tell Gallery to inspire your peers:


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Peer Inspiration for Living Well with Depression

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