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LiveWell Español

Free support groups for managing depression, mental health and wellbeing
Learn new skills for managing depression, and get support from a community of peers with shared experience 

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Every year, approximately one out of four Spanish-speaking American adults will experience at least one major depressive episode.

The vast majority of those treated for depression show an improvement in their symptoms - usually within four to six weeks - after beginning peer support, medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of these (and/or other) treatment approaches. 

About LW
About LiveWell Español

Recommended by leading mental health experts, the peer-led LiveWell Program® is strategically designed to teach people the skills they need to reduce symptoms and relapses of depression, and to live a more meaningful, connected, and productive life. All LiveWell support groups are led by trained volunteer peer facilitators with their own lived experience of depression and resilience.


We've combined wisdom gained from people with lived experience of depression and resilience (peers) with aspects of various evidence-based therapies and other interventions into a holistic, psychosocial educational program that centers around the LiveWell Strategies - ten wellness strategies that empower people to take control of their own depression treatment and ongoing mental health self-care.  

Because social isolation - and/or silence and secrecy - will always make depression worse, we know that treatment and care must happen in community.  And that's what we are - a community of supportive peers dedicated to helping each other live well. 

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